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All Out Store



We will create a customized online store, tailored to your needs and request. We collect the payments for you, returning the amount you earned for your fundraiser, if applicable. There are no minimums, we would love to have a minimum of 12 items sold. However, in the event of unexpected lack of sales we will honor any quantity sold.

Head on over to theĀ  All Out Store to see a sample store.



1. After talking with a sales rep, you will decide on products and apparel, approve artwork, set both pricing and dates.

2. Your store will be built and tailored to your requested customizations. For example, we can add a spot for student name/student ID or customized names on shirts, jerseys, etc. We can create a landing page for multiple grades or departments.

3. You will receive your shareable link to allow your customers to start shopping, the store will close upon your requested close date.

4. After store closure, we will run a final report, order apparel, print, package and deliver/ship your items (expect delivery to be about 1 week after your store closure date). We will individually package your items by order name, student name or however requested.

5. Your order will arrive with a print out of all online orders, along with items individually packaged & labeled 1 week from your store closure date.